Friday, 30 July 2010

FRIDAY INSPECTION - Band within the Band!

Early this morning Colonel Windpipe and Captain Lesley took a quick look round the troops and were delighted to discover some bands within the band!
First up is the Brass Band from Allistair Burt - from a large Bear on Trumpet to a tiny Parakeet on Triangle!
and secondly the Britpips from bitsobobs - the washboard playing Badger is a particular favourite of the Colonel!

Friday, 23 July 2010

Crazy critters

Toot toot! It's Friday inspection time! Firstly, the Colonel would like to apologise for missing the last few Friday inspections... Pvt Lesley Barnes appears to have gone AWOL and Pvt Uberkraaft has had a mild infection of apathy. The Colonel has now cracked the whip & manoeuvres will continue with renewed vigour!

This week the Colonel has been quite taken with the number of new recruits accompanied by friendly critters of all shapes and sizes. The three commended recruits this week are shown below.

First on our list is the mysterious nameless Elephant with Tuba by super BRiZL, followed by Seth Flowerman and his beesteed by one of Pvt Uberkraafts personal favourites, Jimbobbin and finally, Marching Mathilda & The Pinheads by the brilliant Kookizu.

Keep 'em coming - Pip pip!

Captain Lesley would also like to add that she had been called away on special manoeuvres BUT is now back and ready to march! She would like to commend all of the above especially Seth Flowerman - because we all need a mascot!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Friday Inspection - The Colonel loves shapes!

Look lively! The Colonel has just finished today's inspection of new recruits. He is astounded at the stunning quality of the latest chaps who are seeking to swell the ranks of the brigade.

This week he has been heartily impressed with those recruits busting out super shapes & colours - giving the brigade a whole new level of magic!

Commendations this week to:-

King Calvin and his Magic Melodica by Aaron Miller, the mysterious Triangle Trumpeter by Yema-Yema and the remarkably bendy Sniffs on Ukelele by Emory Allen

Tremendous stuff. The Colonel salutes you!

And don't forget, you can join the band by leaving your Flickr username here NEW RECRUITS

Brigadier Blinko

Friday, 11 June 2010


Look Lively! The Colonel has just finished his Friday Inspection and is pleased to announce that all the new recruits have passed and are ranked EXCELLENT. Because of the high standard of all the recruits, the Colonel doesn't want to showcase them all at he is going to focus on a few every Friday (chosen by random but highly organised theme!)

This week he would like to give a fanfare (or howl) to two wolf themed recruits: Lieutenant Boris by Captain Jennie Vallis (directly above) and the Wolf Playing Cowbell by Corporal bowhombre (top)

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Calling new recruits!

Due to the overwhelming response we've had to our ramshackle musical band, the Colonel has decided to begin recruiting right away! We will be inviting a few illustrators at a time to contribute their band members to a Flickr group for later inclusion on this blog...

Major Barnes & myself will still be working towards our joint piece but will help the Colonel put together the greatest magical marching band the world has ever known.

If you are interested in joining up please let us know by commenting below & we will get back to you in due course.

**Please post your Flickr username & we'll send an invite as soon as we can

Pip pip!

It Began with a Small Beat...

This is how the band began! Five characters, some tall some small, but all compelled to march to an unsteady beat!
Each of these first band members is introduced below

Colonel Windpipe

Master Tulip and his Tuba

Private Lester Ting and his Triangle

Private Malcolm Gapworth and the Accordian

Sgt Sugarloaf and his Cymbals