Friday, 30 July 2010

FRIDAY INSPECTION - Band within the Band!

Early this morning Colonel Windpipe and Captain Lesley took a quick look round the troops and were delighted to discover some bands within the band!
First up is the Brass Band from Allistair Burt - from a large Bear on Trumpet to a tiny Parakeet on Triangle!
and secondly the Britpips from bitsobobs - the washboard playing Badger is a particular favourite of the Colonel!

Friday, 23 July 2010

Crazy critters

Toot toot! It's Friday inspection time! Firstly, the Colonel would like to apologise for missing the last few Friday inspections... Pvt Lesley Barnes appears to have gone AWOL and Pvt Uberkraaft has had a mild infection of apathy. The Colonel has now cracked the whip & manoeuvres will continue with renewed vigour!

This week the Colonel has been quite taken with the number of new recruits accompanied by friendly critters of all shapes and sizes. The three commended recruits this week are shown below.

First on our list is the mysterious nameless Elephant with Tuba by super BRiZL, followed by Seth Flowerman and his beesteed by one of Pvt Uberkraafts personal favourites, Jimbobbin and finally, Marching Mathilda & The Pinheads by the brilliant Kookizu.

Keep 'em coming - Pip pip!

Captain Lesley would also like to add that she had been called away on special manoeuvres BUT is now back and ready to march! She would like to commend all of the above especially Seth Flowerman - because we all need a mascot!