Wednesday, 19 January 2011

It's marching time!

Toot toot!!

Firstly, apologies for the radio silence of late - loose lips sink ships and all that! Actually, Lesley and I are very important people indeed and are guilty of taking our eye off the ball :D So, sincerely, we are sorry - I hope you understand illustration has a knack of monopolising your time...

Righto, the important news - We are now putting together the collaborative print that we planned from the start. The plan now is to put out the print via the brilliant Poster Cause Project - Details are being finalised with Anthony so I can't tell you what the charity will be yet but I can tell you we are likely to be publishing a 18" x 12" print in the very near future...

So now seems like the perfect time to ask for anybody who submitted a character to send me your hi-res artwork file so I can get the print together. Please mail me on


If you have a PSD or EPS that would really help me out & save me a heap of time x A ton of clipping paths is not my idea of fun!!

The tricky bit - at the last count we have had 159 band members submitted to the band. The print is going to be 18" x 12" - Can you see where I'm going with this?! :D

Realistically, I can't imagine we will fit them all in on this print ... in fact, half of that is probably pushing it! However, I'll do what I can. The ethos of the whole project was involvement - so I'm not particularly comfortable with leaving anybody out - it might be that I'll get a feel for how many I can fit in and then put the names into a hat ... what do you guys think? :) I guess there's always the possibility of further Windpipe prints too, so we can carry some over ...

Oh bugger!!! More apologies! I should have said right at the start - a million thanks! The response and encouragement and downright radness you guys have shown for our little project has been overwhelming... We can't thank you enough x