Wednesday, 19 January 2011

It's marching time!

Toot toot!!

Firstly, apologies for the radio silence of late - loose lips sink ships and all that! Actually, Lesley and I are very important people indeed and are guilty of taking our eye off the ball :D So, sincerely, we are sorry - I hope you understand illustration has a knack of monopolising your time...

Righto, the important news - We are now putting together the collaborative print that we planned from the start. The plan now is to put out the print via the brilliant Poster Cause Project - Details are being finalised with Anthony so I can't tell you what the charity will be yet but I can tell you we are likely to be publishing a 18" x 12" print in the very near future...

So now seems like the perfect time to ask for anybody who submitted a character to send me your hi-res artwork file so I can get the print together. Please mail me on


If you have a PSD or EPS that would really help me out & save me a heap of time x A ton of clipping paths is not my idea of fun!!

The tricky bit - at the last count we have had 159 band members submitted to the band. The print is going to be 18" x 12" - Can you see where I'm going with this?! :D

Realistically, I can't imagine we will fit them all in on this print ... in fact, half of that is probably pushing it! However, I'll do what I can. The ethos of the whole project was involvement - so I'm not particularly comfortable with leaving anybody out - it might be that I'll get a feel for how many I can fit in and then put the names into a hat ... what do you guys think? :) I guess there's always the possibility of further Windpipe prints too, so we can carry some over ...

Oh bugger!!! More apologies! I should have said right at the start - a million thanks! The response and encouragement and downright radness you guys have shown for our little project has been overwhelming... We can't thank you enough x


  1. Looking forward to seeing how they all fit together :)

  2. I think you should use your editorial veto power to pick.
    I know it's not democratic, but it will result in arguably a better, more cohesive piece of work.
    As you say, you could always have a couple of prints or even have them along themes (i'm sure there's recurring themes in the characters or instruments)
    Thanks to you both for coming up with the project idea, it was fun to see it take shape and even more fun to take part.

  3. You could overlap the characters, I for one wouldn't mind - they are all marching together.

    Or yes, two or three prints that line up as a set (one looooonnnnggg single print would be great but technically difficult I guess).

  4. Certainly tricky ... Lesley suggest something akin to Sgt. Peppers ... that might work :)

  5. maybe we could do three prints which when put together make one long print?? there is lots we can do and sgt uberkraaft is a very clever fella indeed!

    toot Deputy Colonel Lesley

  6. Sending my Hi-res right away. I love the project and the idea, and any decision you make about which ones you print and which ones you don't will be fine.

  7. What ever happengs I'm sure it will all look rather splendid. Its quite a band he (you guys)have pulled together.

  8. so excited to see it ubers! im sure any artist that makes it in will be thrilled to see theirs on the poster! hope you do try to "cram" in as many as you can. ;) lol! but glad you guys organized this! it was a fun "little" project. ;)

  9. Windpipes and said it..everybody is singing like crazy now because of heroin addicts needing their highs.
    Rappers and Nurses are so messed up on drugs PETWOOD is OVER!